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Our favorite audiobook for holiday travel with kids

How to Fight a Hydra

This is such an amazing book. It's an allegorical tale about tackling giant, insurmountable problems. I don't think it was written to be a kids book, but it's my kids favorite book, and the audiobook is where things really get rad.

The audiobook is just over an hour and is perfect for car rides. Our kids have asked to listen to it literally dozens of times. No exaggeration.

Not only is the story great, the audiobook production is excellent. And we've had tons of great conversations as a result of listening to this and hearing about the hero's journey and struggles. It's awesome.

We even created an activity book for it!

We really loved this book so we made some fun activities to do with your kids. We recommend listening to the book then going through the activity book.

There are color sheets, a little puppet, and questions to talk through with your children.

Download it, print it out, have the time of your life.

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