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Broken lollipop dreams

Introducing Pooping on the Potty: The Online Academy!

We're very excited to introduce our newest resource for parents. A tool to help make it easier to teach your children about the potty, and more importantly, getting them using that potty every day.

Whether you call it Potty Training or Toilet Learning, the point is the poop goes in the potty when your child is ready.

You don't need another book, you don't need to hunt through google. We've collected the best information from all the books, websites, and nurses. And then we made it easy to figure out and understand and be ready yourself.

Check it out at poopingonthepotty.com.
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I wrote a Christmas story, for kids, with some Bill Murray inspiration.

A couple of years ago I wrote this story for my boys. It's a loose re-imagining of Groundhogs Day, but about a little boy who can't quit waking up the day before Christmas.

Hope you like it.
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Coloring Sheets and Story Prompts

Holly has been creating some really great robot dinos the past few years and she made up these awesome coloring sheets. They have wonderful questions to help your kids build their own world around these drawings. I think they're incredible. You should download them and share them as well. PDF download has eight total designs to color.
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic giant squid
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic spinosaurus dinosaur
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic STEGASAURUS dinosaur
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic whale dinosaur
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic TREX dinosaur
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic triceratops dinosaur pteradactyl
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic sharks dinosaur pteradactyl
A kids' coloring sheet of a robotic triceratops dinosaur
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Dinos Need Blankies - short story!

We have a few 5-year-olds in our community and I told a slower, quieter, better to fall asleep to story for them. This one is short at 3 minutes, but it was still fun to write and record. Hope you enjoy it.

We wrote a story! And recorded it!

My family and I moved into an eco-community outside of Sayulita, Mexico called TierraLuz. It's an amazing community and there's a handful of awesome kids in the community as well. As our kids have engaged them and become instant friends, I've been playing around with some short stories about a secret undercover spy school in the jungle for just these kids.

Now that we're in quarantine, I tried a really short story just for a fun exercise and then my neighbor recorded it in his at-home recording studio. And I thought I'd share it here. Hope you enjoy!

Make a whistle that will drive you crazy

From Holly:
Roman couldn’t focus on the work his teacher sent for today, despite it being a pretty cool project. He is obsessing over whistles today. He has recently had a couple whistles come into—and out of—his life. So today he was bound and determined to make a bamboo whistle, once he came to terms with the fact that Mom was not going to have Amazon ship one overnight.

So, we watched a YouTube video, borrowed a hack saw and got to work. Neighbor kids all took turns trying the saw and the Leatherman.

And then we washed our hands. ;)

From Jason:
Yesterday my son found, then lost, a whistle. He was pretty broken up about it, and today wanted to buy one. We instead tried to make one. It worked and only took most of the morning.

What's interesting here is that we just went outside and had a free project for a long period of time. If you don't have bamboo in your backyard, you could probably get by with a thick branch and a drill.

What I found most interesting was my own willingness to not squash the dream of making a whistle, and not to worry about how long it took, and to just let some flow happen in my kids' lives.

Hope you try something just like it.

We watched this video on how to build one:

In the end, it works great. Here's a video of him explaining it:

How to get your kids out of bed and ready for school... with a little butt rock.

The final countdown to get your kids to school
Wrangling my kids out the door, on time, every morning without losing my soul.

The song “The Final Countdown,” by buttrock-band Europe, plus an Alexa-style smart speaker.

Every morning at 7:35am, our house is filled with the soothing sounds of buttrock. This is the final warning and notice for my kids to get ready and be standing by the door by the time the song is over. We have an Alexa routine that plays this song every weekday at the same time and it feeds my soul every single day.
Read more about how to rock...

Our favorite audiobook for holiday travel with kids

How to Fight a Hydra

Buy it on Amazon
This is such an amazing book. It's an allegorical tale about tackling giant, insurmountable problems. I don't think it was written to be a kids book, but it's my kids favorite book, and the audiobook is where things really get rad.

The audiobook is just over an hour and is perfect for car rides. Our kids have asked to listen to it literally dozens of times. No exaggeration.

Not only is the story great, the audiobook production is excellent. And we've had tons of great conversations as a result of listening to this and hearing about the hero's journey and struggles. It's awesome.

We even created an activity book for it!

We really loved this book so we made some fun activities to do with your kids. We recommend listening to the book then going through the activity book.

There are color sheets, a little puppet, and questions to talk through with your children.

Download it, print it out, have the time of your life.

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