Why and Who are You?

We're Holly and Jason Glaspey. Two parents who like making things, and so we figured we'd make things that might help parents.

We are designers and writers and creators. And this is our craft, to share knowledge and help convey information.

So, we've chosen to use those crafts and create a letter to our friends who parent, sharing everything we've had to come to know from parenting. It's not really a letter though, it's a bunch of things on the internet.

And as we create these things, we hope to make a living at it. So that we can continue to share and craft some of the knowledge of parenting for a generation who needs it.

We're not parenting experts, but we're expert craftsmanpeople and we're trying to be mostly proud parents.

So, take it from us.

Jason and Holly Glaspey - Mostly Proud Parents